德克萨斯南方大学’s Office of the Ombudsperson is a place where students can 保密ly express their concerns, 解决争端, 管理冲突, and learn more productive ways of dealing with matters they may face during their matriculation. Individuals-undergraduate, post-doc and newly returning students can expect to receive informal, 保密, neutral and independent services to the extent allowed by law.
We welcome anyone who has a concern or question pertaining to university policies, 大学的官僚主义, and all other matters impacting your academic success.

You may reach the Ombuds via our 申诉专员入职表格. The 校园 Police can also be reached 24-hours a day by dialing (713) 313-7000.


There are times in a student’s academic career where they may run into conflict that they may be unfamiliar in dealing with. Those concerns may center on a particular issue they are experiencing with a professor, 顾问或职员. If a student finds him/herself constantly trying to resolve an issue with no headway in sight, or perhaps the stand-off is escalating into a more hostile situation, this is the time to solicit the assistance of the 监察专员. The 监察专员 can help by listening to your concerns, and identifying appropriate options for a resolution  ||   看到细节